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Beloved, I would above all things that thou may prosper and be in good health even as thy Soul prospereth.  III John 1:2
I pledge allegiance to THE WORD, and the Divine Will for which it stands. One mission: to please God and to live a holy life so, I may dwell in God's presence eternally, and encourage others to do likewise. 
Various techniques to enhance the prosperity of the soul will be enlisted speechmaking and seminars will anchor the items to encourage the prosperity of the Soul. These tools are fundamental because Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by THE WORD of God.  
There is no attempt to tell people what to believe. Churches, synagogues and the temples will provide many people who tell you what to believe. It's not about telling people what to believe: It's about telling people what THE WORD says, then challenging people to choose between what they believe and what THE WORD says. You might be very surprised to see what a great gulf there is between what people believe and what THE WORD says. What is at stake after all, is the destiny of the human soul. When all is said and done, each soul will earn either a set of horns or a halo. The Institute For Scriptural Literacy™ is simply geared to help those who wish to earn a halo to accomplish their mission.  
Ideally, funding is based upon BIRTHDAY BACKERS.
Other than Adam and Eve, everyone has a birthday. If everyone who has a birthday sent theThe Institute For Scriptural Literacy a single dollar on their birthday, the organization would have an 8 billion dollar capitalization. After all, each human being has a soul. Sadly, not everyone is sympathetic to THE WORD.
There are over 1.2 billion Catholics alone. Considering Protestants and those who sympathize with THE WORD, Sans religious affiliation, there are at least two billion people who support THE WORD.
If everyone who supports THE WORD gave a single dollar every year on their birthday, The Institute For Scriptural Literacy would have a 2 billion-dollar capitalization. Platforms to provide BIRTHDAY BACKERS capitalization will be erected.
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